P.E.P. Partnerships

Building up partnerships between companies based on the fact that both companies

* have the same focus customer group
* maintain an equivalent market position in different branches
* can make use of the partners distribution channels during the period of cooperation

Consultancy includes

* providing choice of potential partners
* initializing contact
* assuring equal input
* developing a project plan
* acquisition and handling of co-sponsors
* controlling activities
* reporting results

successfull partnerships initialized by P.E.P.

Hawaii & Coca-Cola
Hawaii & Citizen
Hawaii & Siemens
Hawaii & Wiebold Confiserie
Hong Kong & Clarins
Kanada & Derby Cycle

Hawaii & Coca-Cola
Consumer promotion with Coca-Cola and 15 distributive partners from cinema chains to restaurant chains, branding of name of “O´ahu”, duration 1 year six months, total contacts: 30 Million people
Hawaii & Citizen
Consumer promotion with incentive element with high end dive watch producer Citizen, P.O.S. promotion in 6.000 stores in Continental Europe with combined incentive competition for the watch store owners, R.O.I. 70 PAX travelled as an incentive group for 10 days to Hawaii. Duration: 6 months, total contacts: about 800.000 people
Hawaii & Siemens
Consumer promotion with Siemens /BenQ worldwide in relation with the launch of the CL75 mobile phone with special focus on the markets UK and Germany, promotion in 6 major shopping centres in the UK for 4 weeks before Christmas, various direct mailings and website promotions, creation of special destination website with integration of the product, P.O.S Promotion in Germany in 6.000 stores. Total contacts: about 1 Mio people