P.E.P. Consulting

P.E.P. Partnership Event Promotion Consulting was founded in 1997 by Martina Guse, owner and managing director. Together with one project manager and a back office team, P.E.P. Consulting works in various areas of the tourism and event industry. Carefully selected networking partners form a proven powerful team to handle large contracts and events.

Our core business is destination management, tourism consulting and incoming business to Hamburg. Activities include the development of strategic partnerships, events and promotions based on profound market research and careful partner profiling according to individual contractor needs. Intense location scouting according to individual client needs leads to successful results. To work with targets and provide positive return on invest is our aim in the daily business.

Our Partnerships, Events & Promotions are unique, colorful and inspiring!

Consulting advice is based on long term experience in our multi-cultural daily business.